Reduce Organizational Costs by replacing physical databases with cloud based support

MHC Datacomm Inc. offers cloud database support systems to help reduce operational costs and access to 24 hour technical support.

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Cloud Services

Cloud based systems have multiple advantages to offer in terms of reducing costs associated with physical databases. This can take away maintenance costs, manpower costs and provide you with remote access to your databases without concerning yourself with the technical expertise associated with database maintenance.
Our technology consultants and database management experts will work around the clock to make sure that your systems are running 24/7. Our cloud services are some of the most efficient and responsive in the entire industry.

Periodic Reassessments to Ensure Database Integrity

Security and functionality are the two major concerns associated with cloud databases. We conduct thorough assessments of our systems to make sure that we avert potential malfunctions or security threats that may compromise your organizational well-being.

24 Hour Remote Support

You can get in touch with our technical teams to help fix any malfunctions in your databases. To make sure that you can stay online and maintain your work processes continuously, our teams are available 24 hours a day to resolve any concerns you might have with your databases. MHC DataComm Inc. is thoroughly committed to providing excellent cloud services to our corporate clients. To that end we make sure that we migrate your physical databases to virtual ones swiftly and ensure that there is a seamless transition from the physical to the virtual.

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What Do We Offer?

MHC DataComm Inc. provides clients a collection of technology management services. This also includes cloud management and migration services which come with 24-hour remote support and comprehensive reassessment exercises to ensure continuous functionality.
Our services include:

  • Remote technical support to rapidly resolve concerns and queries.
  • Continual maintenance checks to ensure cloud server functionality and security integrity.
  • Seamless transition from physical databases to cloud servers without compromising organizational workflow.

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